Me, hippie, no not me!

Hello everyone!

I finally decided to jump in; my own and personal blog! I was so afraid to do it, showing my vulnerability, my true self, being exposed to everyone to see what’s happening in my life. After months and months of thinking, I have decided to talk about my situation and the changes I have done. If I can help someone going though challenges whatever big or small, I want to do it!

Okay. Well. Here it is. For the past 2 years my life as I knew it completely changed, drastically. A new chapter started in my life. Something that I didn’t see coming at all… being sick. Not a cold, unfortunately. At the age of 27, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I went under surgeries and did chemotherapy. The process lasted about 7 months. I lost my reproductive system as well as many other parts of me. Basically that means that I now am a 29 yrs old -menopause-woman! Believe me, life changes a lot! You have to rediscover how your body works, how it thinks (yes, “it” because you sure are not yourself after that), you do not have the same perspective in life and of life, what mattered before doesn’t anymore and vice versa. I feel like I’ve evolved 20 years in less than 2, and that, my friends, is scary! Hello panic attacks on a regular & hot flashes, self-doubts, re-questioning your whole life and your true existence. It is a hell of a journey! But, I strongly believe it the “everything happens for a reason” motto and I am trying to get the best out of it as much as I can (not always easy though).

Pub showing scar blog

It brings me to why I want to do this blog, my journey of wellness. Well it’s pretty simple, call me naïve, but I do believe in a better world with accessible and adaptable changes to our current lifestyle. I want to share my research, my knowledge and my every day passions such as exercising, self-management, healthy food all the way to DIY and more! I kind of see it has an all-in-one hippie modern lifestyle “manual”; an easy step by step of how to be a better version of yourself. Wait wait wait, don’t leave!! Let me explain. I would like to break the stereotypes that sometimes comes with the word “hippie” and modernize its sense. My ultimate goal would be to bring another light at the sustainable lifestyle that professional, artists, mother, students, CEO, basically everyone can follow.

Hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

Welcome in my world; Wellness Matricks!


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    1. Wellness Matricks says:

      Seriously, I am so happy I started! Your blog made me want to start my own. Thanks to you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Enjoy!!!! I am so happy you are finding it rewarding. Go Team Juju!


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